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Me, Myself and my family
All right people?
My name is Mok Lai Shun.

English name Charles Henry Mok!

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy): 06/03/84

My Life!
I was born in Los Angeles 1984, but i live in Hong Kong. At the moment i am studying in England, and the school is called The Shrewsbury School, it's in the West Midlands. Nothing much special happened to me, only that i was knocked down by a motorbike in Hong Kong, 1997. I broke my leg, and that's about it!!!! What else do you want to know about me??? please tell me either through the guest book suggestions or send me an email!

Hong Kong Address: Please ask me
School Address: Moser's Hall, The Shrewsbury School,
Shrewsbury, SY3 7AW, United Kingdom
Phone numbers: 98861963 HK mobile, 07773032247 Uk mobile
email address: cm3mok@hotmail.com , chlsmok@shrewsbury.org.uk

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