Friends from School
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Introduction of my friends and family
On this page, i will try to show as many as photos of my friends and my family, from all around the world, although some of them might not remember me anymore..... anyway, friendship 4ever!

Rocky and Hooper
This is my best friend eric! He has the nickname of Rocky!!! i wonder who gave him this nickname! By the way, in case you duno which one he is, he's the one on the right!I have known Eric for about 4 years already, quite cool!!! although sometimes he's abit "fai", and by the way he's 15 years old every year!!!!

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Seabs and Tude
These two guys are from my school, quite cool! Here is a short intro of them:
Seabs: real name Edward Seabright, date of birth 3/3/84..
Tude: Edward Tudor, date of birth25/8/84.... what else???

To be continued!