Friends, Families, and Self Portraits
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Here are some more photos of familes and friends

That's me baby!
Here is a photo taken by Eric in the studio, of me with my skateboard!
Rocky and Hooper
Yo, The Penguins in da house man! Here is another picture of eric and me, a more recent one taken!
Another Picture of Me
Yeah, this is another picture of me in the studio with sunglass, taken by eric again!
My sisters and Me
Here is a picture of my sisters and me! On the Left is my older sister, adriana. In the middle is my younger sister Josephine!
A friend i met in Catherine Li's Birthday Party! And i took this photo then, i have cropped the photo down because she requested me to do so.
Adri, Me and Dodo
A Picture of Me with Long Hair
Here is a picture of me, taken last my hair was still quite long.. good old days!