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Here are more photos
Hey here are more general photos, of friends, families and others! enjoy!

Mr Dewis And Me
This is Mr Dewis, my favourite photography teacher! He used to study in Harvard! And he came to Shrewsbury School and tought photography, English and he was also the Basketball Coach!

Dodo and Apple

Adri (Nana)
This is my older sister, adriana... she's a year older than me!! some people say that we look alike, what do you think?

This is my younger sister, Josephine.... isn't she cutie... sorry haven't got a recent photo yet... this photo is abit out of date... but it will do for awhile!
Lub Lub
Everbody this is my dad's dog, quite cutie i think!!! Well, it's called Lub Lub, they are almost 2 years old now!!! Lub, is the one just like lying around in the house... always appear as really tired!!! quite funny, and he likes to eat all sort of stuff..... hm....
This is my Jojo's dog, and it's name is Sean. He's cool too, much more friendly and active comparing with Lub... the way that to identify which dog is which is just the colour of the two....
Lub, has lighter and softer fur
Sean, has darker gold and harder fur

Tracy... ICQ netfriend......
Wow, isn't she fit? no.... not the one on the right!!! Well, i know tracy through icq, and that's it.... nothing much.......
Dodo (again)
Here is another photo of my friend Dodo!