Rhode Island School Of Design
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RISD summer 2000
Here are some Pictures i have taken in RISD lasst summer!

G and Me
This is my best friend in RISD, his name is Gi Young Kim!
Kristie, a girl i know from RISD! Nice person quite cutie!
Emily and Me
Emily Wu, we studied in the same course that summer! We both survived, finally!
Aum, Amy, Issabelle and Kristie
Wow, one guy and three gals, hm.... lucky him... anyway, the guy is called Aum.
From Right to Left: Amy, Isabeil and Kristie. All the three of them are really nice Korean Gals.... hey gals if you do read this.. just wanna say i missed you!Friends going to Boston together on that weekend!
RISD group photo, Picture of friends!
A group of friends which meant alot to me, in the time when i was in RISD!!! thank you all!
Aum and Gals
It's Aum again.... with three gals again.... abit of a pimp isn't he?! From Left to Right again: Isabeil, Amy, and the last one sorry i fogot!!! I am so sorry! This photo was taken when they were all looking at some photos!! quite cool in a way... photos within a photo!
Mike, Yuri, and Me
Another Friend of mine, Mike and Yuri! Mike is a good friend of me, but he's a bit of a rebel... just look at his hair.. (just joking man) anyway... the gal is Yuri, quite hot! isn't she?